What’s New

May, 30, 2018:

June schedule is now up.



May 17, 2018:

May photo album is ready for viewing.



May 14, 2018:

January, February, March and April photo albums are up.



January 18, 2018:

I added links to a few of my social media pages on the main cover page. Hopefully that makes me easier to be reached and followed.



January 01, 2018:

New Happy New Year blog post on my blog page.



December 02, 2017:

September, October, November and December shoots are finally posted. Sorry guys and gals. Surgery has slowed my editing down.



November 11, 2017:

Anyone that has a copy of “DP White Dress” video, will need the new link. It corrupted so I had to reset the link. Just shoot me a message. Refills are always free so to speak lol. Happy Remembrance Day!



November 10, 2017:

I have a Patreon account that you can pledge me at. Just click the word Patreon and it’ll take you right there.



September 7, 2017:

New and returning clients may request to contact me via the “Text Now” app. I will be sharing the number for the month of September on a trial basis only, and only for those who ask. If it goes well then I may post it in the future.



September 6, 2017:

Schedule page has changed a bit. Drop me an email and let me know what you think. Photo Album Directory is all caught up.



August 18, 2017:

August album is available for viewing.



July 04, 2017:

Schedule is up and the new July album is ready to view.



June 02, 2017:

June album is viewable and the schedule is as well



May 04, 2017:

May album is shot and now available for viewing. May dates are available on the schedule page.



May 02, 2017:

New blog entry has been posted!



May 01, 2017:

May schedule is up now for May 1st to the 31st.



April 16, 2017:

April album is available for viewing. Happy Easter!



March 30, 2017:

Trying something new this year. During the next few months between the anniversaries of the murder of one of my daughters and the death of the other, I will be offering $100 for 30 minutes and $200 for 60 minutes now until June 30th! Let’s have some naughty therapy!



March 21, 2017:

March photo album is now posted. Schedule page has been updated as well.



March 06, 2017:

February album is available

for viewing. Yeah yeah, very funny lol.



March 05, 2017:

New tour dates have been added to the schedule page for Brandon, Calgary, Edmonton, Lloydminster, Saskatoon and Winnipeg.



March 01, 2017:

New specials have been updated for this month. Happy hour times have changed as well.



January 16, 2017:

New special for the remainder of January is now updated.



January 13, 2017:

January album is now ready for viewing.



January 05, 2017:

New measurements have been updated to the Wishlist, My Info and the Clothing/Costumes pages. Weekend locations schedule is now posted for the month of January.



January 03, 2017:

December album is ready for viewing and is completely unedited.



December 30, 2016:

Special for New Year’s Eve; Bring a friend for an hour for $350. Code is not required to access this special. Valid today until January 2nd. Let’s have some fun this new year!



December 22, 2016:

New pictures have been added to the Body Shots album.



December 20, 2016:

Holiday specials are posted and are valid until January 15, 2017.



December 01, 2016:

December specials have been posted.



November 16, 2016:

November album is available for viewing.



November 04, 2016:

November special is now posted.



October 10, 2016:

October album is now available for viewing HERE!



October 06, 2016:

October/November schedule is up. To have your city added tony next tour please choose only dates that I am in Lloydminster. All other cities are permanently booked. New photos have been added to the Cam Shots page



September 11, 2016:

August and September galleries are now available for viewing.



August 13, 2016:

Made some updates to the My Info page. To check those out, click HERE!



August 11, 2016:

New video samples have been added to the videos page. Click HERE to check them out!



July 02, 2016:

New video reviews have been added to the review page. July photo album is now available in the Photo Album Directory. July and early August schedule is now posted up to the 1th of August, for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. August and October have been tentatively added for Ontario and BC. New Twitter account is @MsTaylorMaide come follow me. I also have a Snapchat account now too as misstaylormaide. Both of those have been added to my contact info page as well. Monthly special has been updated. Phone calls have moved online and to Skype at mstaylormaide. The old (403) 608-0979 is no longer in service. Clients wishing to be given the new phone number, may request it in person at their appointments or after pre paying. Please see the contact info page for new updated online only contact information. Subscribe to “The List” for early notifications of tours to your city, special rates for “TheList” subscribers only, plus photos not anywhere else online. Find more info on the services and swag pages. Taylor’s Bag is now fully operational, but stay tuned as I have so much stuff I am adding to it weekly. Taylor’s Maids is always looking to hire topless cleaning ladies between the ages of 21 and 45. Please send your resume along with any questions or comments to MissTaylorMaide@TaylorMaide.com.