January 25, 2019,

Schedule is up for January/ February. Sorry for the long delay in updates, but I’ve been in school and my schedule is finally calming down enough to host again.

May 30, 2018,

Schedule for June is now up.

November 10, 2017,

I have a Patreon account now. Be sure to check out the What’s New page or the Contact Info page to see how you can find me there. As well, September, October and November albums have been created and will be filled this weekend.

November 03, 2017:

The rates page has been updated with a bit of a new look  The order of things has been changed and is less confusing now I think.

October 18, 2017:

It’s been over a year now that I’ve been doing pre-book and pre-pay. So please stop asking to come by right now and pay cash! Thank you.

September 20, 2017:

‘Today’s Schedule’ and ‘Tomorrow’s Schedule’ have been removed from the schedule page. I don’t like updating it daily, so please find your city and it’s date and message me via email as per usual. Thanks.

September 17, 2017:

The schedule page is now updated until October 15th.

August 27, 2017:

The welcome page has been shrunk down considerably. Here’s what was cut out in case you were wondering.

“If you are having troubles clicking on any of the sub-headings, it is because the site does not like if you have a tablet. Sorry for the inconvenience, I am working on this. Sometimes you can double click the menu, but sometimes you cannot. I am not a tech genius, I am just a roofer learning how to be a carpenter lol.”

Pretty awesome, I know! Lol.

May 01, 2017:

May schedule is now updated to reflect May 1st to 31st. Changes have been made to include Lloydminster, Prince Albert & Saskatoon.

March 30, 2017:

All x-rated albums have been removed as there is no reason to continue to offer you these types of photos for free without any support whatsoever such as gratitude, tributes, or compliments.

March 06, 2017:

Changes have been made to the Clothing/Costumes page. Links added and updates made to costumes available and what type they are. Either cosplay, costume, outfit, or lingerie. I’m hoping this helps bolster creativity in some of you when booking appointments!

March 05, 2017:

February is posted! Finally lol. Sorry. I’m always slow this times of year.

March 01, 2017:

Happy Hour times have changed from 10AM-4PM Monday to Friday, to 2PM-8PM Monday to Friday.

January 05, 2017:

All of the broken links have been fixed. The Wishlist link and the link to my Twitter were not working correctly. Sorry about that. It’s all good to go now.

December 21, 2016:

There are new specials for this holiday season that are posted on the welcome page and the rates page. They are valid until January 15th only. 15 minute appointments will be gone again after that date.

October 6, 2016:

October/November schedule is up. If you’re looking for specific dates outside of Lloyd, I can see you when I’m there. Otherwise all other cities are permanently booked for those dates.

September 11, 2016:

The Selfie Gallery has been moved to under the Photo Album Directory tab, the Reviews page is now under the Rates tab and the Cam Info pages are now under the Videos tab.

March 18, 2016:


Please read! If you have purchased a video prior to March 18, 2016, please get in touch with me for your new access codes. Almost all files have been moved to a new location and you will need new links to access them again. If you prefer to have digital copies from now on, you may contact me at MissTaylorMaide@TaylorMaide.com with a screen shot of your original video OR email and I will send you digital copies instead. You may also request A FREE DVD for the inconvenience of these changes if you prefer that. Please note: ALL digital, downloadable, hard copies, or other copies produced in any fashion over any time in the past, present, or future are copy righted and you cannot show, share, or reproduce them. If you wish to have legal authority to share or copy, then you must contact me to gain permission first. I need to be aware of where my content is going so I know what is legal where. I do apologize for the inconvenience of changing these file locations, but I needed more room after 3 years of doing this lol.