SIGN UP for “The List” – Receive weekly notifications on Sundays about new specials and a new photo each week for subscribers only that you won’t find anywhere else online. Tour dates specific to your city will be sent three times as follows; one week ahead, three days ahead, then again the day before, but not on the day of arrival. Sign up by email simply by sending me your name, what city or cities you will be in, or are travelling to, and the email you would like your subscription to be registered under. You can cancel your subscription any time by replying the word STOP. This is a free service that anyone may register for. <3



You may request any of these items from me at any time.

Business cards- Double sided, full color. My front is the front, and my backside is the back lol.

Loyalty cards- Free 30 minutes added to any appointment after 10 bookings. Just ask to be signed up and your rewards will start to accumulate that day! To ensure your security and safety from anyone happening to see your card, your info will be saved as follows: First initial, date and time of first booking. For example, if Jason Smith saw me at 1930 (7:30 PM) on March 18th, 2016 and requested a card be started, the code appearing on the card would read: J0318161930. Making it much more discreet than Jason Smith (403)***-**69 for example.


Magnets $2-  1 style available now, but I can make them from any photo or take specials photos for you. 

Pens $5- 2 styles available. Choose any photo from this site for your customized pen.

Key chains $3- 2 styles available and any photo can be made into a key chain. Here is a sample of one of the available key chain styles: 2016-03-01 22.36.08

Add $1 shipping to Canada and $2 shipping to US.


Calendars- Available now in four styles.

$5- Single monthly pages require no additional shipping charges. Here is a sample for this month: 2016-03-04 00.54.20

$10- Laminated 1-3 photo, 7 day weekly dry erase calendar. Choose your photos or have some taken.

$15-  Laminated 1-5 photo, 30 day dry erase calendar. Choose your photos or have some taken.

$20- 12 month for 2016. Add $5 shipping to Canada and $8 shipping to US.

$25- a 16 month for 2016-2017. Choose up to 3 images for your single calendar page, up to 16 images for your 12 month calendar and up to 20 images for your 16 month calendar, or I can print calendars with random photos for you. Add $5 shipping to Canada and $8 shipping to US.


T-shirts- Available in black, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, or brown.

$20- Sizes XS, S, and M.

$25- Sizes LG, and XL.

Any photo can be made into a t-shirt. **Shipping times vary by your location and mine at the time of ordering. Add $10 shipping to Canada and $14.50 shipping to US.



$45 Sizes XS, S, and M.

$50- Sizes LG, and XL.

Any photo can be made into a hoodie. **Shipping times vary by your location and mine at the time of ordering. Add $15 shipping to Canada and $20 shipping to US.



I always give goodie bags with a random assortment of sweets and swag. So who knows what you might get when booking an appointment.


* Any photo requested for clothing with full on nudity will have a ‘star’ covering my nipples and tasty bits in any color you choose. If you prefer an @ symbol or something in place of a star, such as % or #, then add $1 and don’t forget to tell me what shape you would prefer.

**Remember, I may not always be in Lloydminster when you request your product. It may ship from Edmonton, Fort McMurray, or even Winnipeg. In these instances it could take one or two days more, or less, than the anticipated average two week maximum arrival time. Local deliveries within Canada should arrive in 7 days or less typically. Pens are ordered out of house, the rest I do in house. Pens may take one week longer than average delivery times.

For overseas shipping, please contact me via email so we can get the rates sorted out for your specific location. So far I have the following overseas rates:

India starts at $20 and will take up to four weeks via ground mail, or $45 via airmail and arrive in less than one week. This price is for posters, or letter mail only and is the exact price from UPS. I do not charge extra for shipping over what the actual shipping cost is. Deliveries overseas will take a minimum 2 weeks to India and up to a maximum of 4 weeks to China. If you are ordering monthly calendars as single pages, then you may want to ask me to make you your pages a month early, which is no problem at all.