On July 12, 2016, e******* placed an order through Twitter and took advantage of my email invoicing option! Here’s what he had to say after receiving his personalized video! Heres what I wore!

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On June 28 2016, r******** of Edmonton, after receiving his later than usual video, writes:



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I try my best to update this list about every two weeks. I also Google my phone number (403) 608- 0979, to see what websites my information is listed on. I will be adding all of these websites as soon as I can. There are quite a few that do not have my permission and just steal the info. The ONLY websites that I currently advertise on are this one,, and I will be advertising on again in the near future. I also currently have a Twitter account, a business Facebook page, and a personal Facebook page. Feel free to contact or add me anytime. My personal Facebook page is set to private, so please email, text, or call me and I will send you an invite.

*Tyrone785 did not see me. I refused to meet him after he tried to bribe me with a “great review” if I met him for coffee for $20. He became belligerent with me and I told him I would block his phone number if he continued with his choice wording. He continued, so I kept my promise to him and this was the review he posted.

**Newlife is a person I did not see, but intended to. Between the two accounts of the story, half of the full story is there. It is clearly two different perspectives and I know it’s not a good review, but I believe it should be here as well. I am not trying by any means to be biased on this site. I want ALL info on here to be accurate and as up to date as possible. Sometimes shit happens and things don’t work out the way we want or hope they will, but we learn and we move on. We don’t hold grudges. The date in question did end up being January 4th 2014, and not November or December like I had originally thought. The only reason I thought it was 2013, is because I was sure it was before my New Year’s Eve threesome. Ha ha true story!

***This isn’t really a review, but I was told to post a reply in this thread because the Taylor Maid in this thread got really bad reviews and the person who told me to post thought it would be a good idea to dispel any confusion between that Taylor Maid and me (Taylor Maide).