Payment Options

PAYMENTS can be made the following ways and will show up as either Taylor Maide, or


Credit Card:

Available at your door or mine. Signature will be required via Square reader. For info on the machines and safety or security, please go to the Square-Up website. Some clients have given me written permission to sign for them allowing credit cards to be used from long distances. I am ok doing this, as the credit card companies request a letter as proof for any fraudulent activity. If I show them you giving me permission, then you cannot steal your money back, causing me to have to re-pay money I was paid for services, and shows that I was actually given permission. Once I figure out how to add that code to this site, I will be doing credit cards online full time and at the door for anyone that wishes to use the links to access videos or swag.  Thank you for your patience. Learning code for fun is hard lol.



Feel free to copy and paste these into your browser.

For videos: please make the question; What am I buying? And the answer; videos

For appointments: please make the question; Who am I meeting? And the answer; taylor

For my education fund: please make the question; What are you taking? And the answer; ceng

For Skype: please make your own questions and do not give me the answer until we are live and the transfer has been received. This saves time and ensures you are paying for a show and not paying to wait for the transfer to arrive. Some people feel the need to call me a thief, but yet I clearly have stated to NOT give the password until we are live! This ensures your money is protected in case you have to cancel, but it also provides you with a bit of a safety net. If you pay a cheap trick she may walk with your money. I do not do this. This is why I have these safeguards in place. If you follow the rules then everyone wins.

Make sure you inform me of the email address your e-transfers are coming from. I have received more than one at a time on more than one occasion, and some for no reason lol. In many cases I will be contacted through a play email and the person uses a different email for banking, please let me know this email when you send your transfer so that I may appropriately credit you. Please do not use capitals for the answer portion.





Gift Cards and Show Tickets:

Gift cards I love are:

Red Lobster, La Senza, Victoria Secret, Lu Lu Lemon,, Bluenotes, Suzy Shier,,,, Olive Garden,, and There is a more extensive listing on my Wist-list.

Tickets I love:

Cirque Du Soliel, Glass Tiger, Metallica, Alberta Ballet, Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Edmonton Eskimos, Edmonton Oilers, Montreal Allouettes, UFC, figure skating, golf courses and more. Please check out my Wish-list for a more complete listing.