My Info


I am  presenty a journeyman roofer and working on carpentry school. I am done all my hours and just have to finish classroom work. I have been in construction since 2000 and a journeyman roofer since 2010. I sub-contract all of my own work. My measurements are 36B-27-36 and I am presently 121 lbs (not soaking wet lol).

I am in school part time on-line working on my AutoCAD certificate and my construction management degree. I’m also upgrading my Math 20, English 30-1, and eventually Physics 30-1, and Science 30-1. Once my second Journeyman ticket is complete and my upgrading is finished, I am applying at University of Alberta and University of Wisconsin at Madison, for my Civil Engineering degree. With that I hope to build train bridges for the railroad, or big giant concrete ones in Dubai. Building bridges has been my dream since I was 5!

Sometimes I may not get to my mailbox if I am busy on a job-site, doing a live show, or with a client. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME BLANK MESSAGES WITH QUESTION MARKS. It is rude and I will not return them. Most days will be ok to stop for a few minutes periodically and return them, if I have been requested to do so, but don’t expect it to be ASAP. My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, but I will do my best to return messages as soon as possible. I will also not post ads if I am not available. My schedule will always be posted and updated here as best as I can.



Skiing, yoga, snowboarding, camping, quadding (racing quads are my fave, I had a Kawasaki KFX450R), 4x4ing (I have a Toyota tattoo and drive a 4×4 truck), fishing, hunting, range shooting, swimming, suntanning, rollerblading, running, jogging, hiking, photography, nature walks, Pokemon going and sightseeing.



Drawing, aerial yoga, yoga, reading, video games (I have SWTOR, ESO, Pokemon Go, and FFXIV), having tea, museums, bowling (I’m bad at it, but it’s fun!), weight training, flexibility training, handstands, dancing, trying new restaurants and foods (sushi, seafood and Italian are my faves), shopping, the spa, pedicures, manicures, knitting, crochet, scrap-booking, going to the movies, getting new tattoos, and going to hockey games.



My 11 year old  son (he’s a mini me), framing, cribbing, pouring concrete, star wars, star trek, aerial yoga, handstands, food (x100 because it’s awesome), algebra, tattoos, horses, Japanese art, flowers, AutoCAD, silver, iTunes, reading, being outside in the rain, the beach, honesty, laughing, proving people wrong, not fitting into any stereotypes (except bitch), music (classical, metal, pop, rock, r&b, jazz, reggae, etc.), stilettos (my hammer and my shoes), surprises, adventures, motorcycles (I had a Ninja), and Dollarama (don’t be a hater, you love it too lol).



I have too much tea (50+ flavors), too many business cards (over 2000, including my construction company, my escort empire, and even reward cards for returning customers to get free 30 minute visits), pens from everywhere you can think of (including my bank, insurance company, Hawaii, and even some from, too much scrapbook stuff and things for crafting and knitting (2 entire shelves with 7 drawers each), stripper magnets (even my own-so ask for one), I have stubs from every concert, movie and event I’ve ever been to since I turned 18 (even my Mardi Gras beads), and magnets from every place I’ve ever visited (and some Taylor Maide ones too, which I carry with me as well).