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January 01, 2018.

11:30: Happy New Year:

Well, it’s that time of year again where I stop making resolutions until March, because none of them actually work out before then lol. So today I decided to build a bed frame instead of make a resolution. I’ve been collecting wood for weeks now and finally decided to take the plunge. I have to go buy more wood now, so I’m writing to all of you. Whatever you’re doing today, whether you’re with friends, tinkering with projects, or just hanging out at home, I hope you all are having a joyful New Year doing something you love.

Happy New Year Homies,

Taylor Maide



May 02, 2017.

13:30: Fitness entry:

People always ask me, “Oh my god! How did you do it? You MUST tell me your secret!”

Well, it’s not really a secret, but it did help immensely in how I looked at my own weight loss journey.

The first thing I did was STOP THE DRIVE THRU’S! Let’s face it, if we’re being completely honest with ourselves, NOTHING good for you EVER came from a drive thru!

The second thing I did was pack my scale into a box and throw out my microwave. I know you’re thinking I’m crazy right now, and I do miss it every day, but when you own a microwave, you buy bad shit to put in it. Almost NOTHING made to go in a microwave is good for you, unless you own 3 key Tupperware pieces. And who wants to spend $600 to use their microwave better? Not me, and I sell Tupperware lol.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing of all, for me anyways, was to tell myself, ‘Tomorrow IS an UNACCEPTABLE time frame to achieve ANY worth while goal! This was literally THE single hardest thing to do, but the most helpful without a doubt. Re-training my brain to be OK WITH BABY STEPS was SO HARD! Those TV ads that tell you ANYONE CAN LOSE 26 pounds in three weeks with this ‘magical horse shit’ they’re selling for $200 is FUCKING CRAP and I have fallen for them ALL!!

To be completely honest, once I stopped obsessing over the scale, going to the drive thru’s, throwing out the microwave and learning how to cook, I became obsessed with food that is ACTUALLY good for you. I stopped thinking about time frames altogether and really just enjoyed pampering myself with delicious new foods I had never tried.

Once I got in the habit of smoothies for breakfast and taking short walks every day (20-30 minutes), the weight literally fell off without me even noticing it was happening. I used to ALWAYS skip breakfast or ‘forget to eat’ and I know you know what I’m talking about here. We all do it. Get hungry, but you’re a little busy so you don’t stop to eat and then before you know it’s 10pm and you’re thinking to yourself, ‘dude, did you even eat today?’ This is SO BAD for you! But what if you HATE eating food in the morning? Is the whole act of chewing food a huge turn off? For me it is! So delicious smoothies that I could drink and NOT CHEW worked perfectly to make sure that 1, I was getting fruit every day and 2, I was not skipping meals anymore.

AND THEN (drum roll please), I FELT MY ABS!!! THAT is the day I realized things had started to change. It was six or eight months later and I still was around the 150 pound mark, but I felt them! And so that’s when I started to get serious about it. YES, it’s totally ok, to listen to your body and your needs while still maintaining weight loss.

Don’t get me wrong, I eat sour soothers, chocolate cake, cupcakes, salt & vinegar chips and salt & vinegar gold fish almost daily (but not all at once lol) as a bedtime or daytime snack and I DO NOT feel bad about it! You might be asking how is it possible to eat that much crap and not lose it, well it’s simple, I now walk 1-3 hours every two to three days and everything I put in my body, I MAKE MYSELF! I know every ingredient in everything I eat and I don’t worry about calories at all. I basically know that everything except green veggies has 160-260 or more calories per serving.

If you can hone in on your favorite veggie and make it for a snack, then this will definitely help you out too. I can make broccoli about 600 different ways now lol. I am obsessed with broccoli baked in the oven lightly sprinkled with vegetable oil, 2 cloves of garlic, and 1 tsp of rosemary. Bake that for 20 minutes on 350 and get ready for a massive face-gasm lol. I sometimes eat broccoli twice a day I love it that much!

One of my new favorite foods though, is sweet potatoes. I make it quite often with broccoli and just like the above recipe. And I gotta say, I have tried sweet potatoes 3 or 4 ways, before trying it like this and I HATED them every single time! Now, LOVE IT!!! So I guess the point I’m trying to make in this paragraph, is don’t give something up on your first try. When it comes to new foods, it might just be finding the recipe that works for your tastes. Not mine.☺️

I think that can really be said for anything you want to be passionate about, but have no idea where to start or what to do once you start. But if every time we gave up after the first try, we would never grow or get anywhere. I took my learners license twice and my driving exam twice lol. I kept failing the train question and the yield questions on the written test, and for the life of me, I COULD NOT PARALLEL PARK ANYTHING that wasn’t a jacked up 4×4 or shunt semi lol. But I’ll leave Thermo-King for another story on a different day!
Check out my Taylor Maide Fitness page on Facebook for more info and misadventures in my weight loss journey!


Lots of love,




May 08, 2016.

01:00: Expected behavior on Skype:

So tonight I had to deal with a real pos! Not only did he threaten me over Skype after being warned about 27 times of his extremely offensive and rude behavior, but he made an appointment earlier in the day, got my location and then bailed immediately because his gf walked in the door and he supposedly had to go back to Slave Lake immediately upon receiving my address. He requested a Skype show to which I said sure but after you cancelling the way you did you have to pre-pay. All is well and good and he did. Then he messages me at 10:30 via email and not Facebook anymore, but he sends six!! blank emails with nothing in them. So I’m replying asking him to not send blank emails and then I go on Skype to accept the friend request assuming that’s why he’s emailing. Then he precedes to tell me he can treat me however he wants and I had better put on a good show or he’s going to file a complaint with the police. To which I replied go fuck yourself! and turned the show off!

If you think I will tolerate this for even a second and then give you your money back after being talked to like that, then you are SADLY MISTAKEN!!! You will absolutely NOT be refunded for wasting well over three hours of my day for a ten minute Skype show. If you think insulting or threatening me is going to put me in the mood to be sexy for you then shake your head! Your gf would punch your throat and I will not deal with it either!

When you come into a live Skype show, do not act all butt hurt for you being ignorant! You WILL show your face and say hello so that I can verify you are not 11!! You WILL show some respect! You WILL NOT be permitted to talk to me like a prostitute on the corner that for some reason you think owes you something! I do not OWE you anything when you insult me and you show up late, especially if you have already bailed once in the same day! If you do not show respect for my time, then you will not be given a show and you will most likely be told to go eat a bag of dicks!

I have ALWAYS been a sexual person, since I was 14 when I lost my virginity to my best friend James Bell on June 22, 1996 at 2:30AM. We did it in the shower and it was fucking bloody amazing! I have loved it ever since! But I will not stand by and allow ANY man to try to tell me how to do my job, or how I owe him something because he sent me $50 before showing up late to a show and etc etc whatever I already said that I’m not going to keep repeating!

I am a woman! If you anger me you’re not getting laid! Lol it’s pretty simple actually. I have ALWAYS only EVER had one rule! To show some respect for my time and for me as a woman. That’s it! So if you can’t do that, don’t expect a refund! It’s NOT going to happen!!

If I have my cam on and all you’re doing is showing me the side of your rib cage after my saying that’s not acceptable and your only replies are to say ‘just rub yourself so I can get off’, you can be damn sure you’ll be told to eat a bag of dicks indeed!

You don’t want to know what lengths I will go to if you threaten me! But I can guarantee that you WILL NOT like it one teeny tiny bit and you, for sure, absolutely, WILL NOT get a dime for a refund! There is a legal disclaimer stating this at the top AND bottom of the services page AND the bottom of the cam show page as well! It’s there for a reason! So read it! I shouldn’t have to say things like this to people, but for some reason I do lol. I promise if you become familiar with my website, you will have an amazing time, no missed or unanswered questions, and know just about everything there is to know about me! Can we not JUST have a good time?

To those of you that missed it, here it is again copied and pasted from the services page: If you are rude at anytime during a Skype or FaceTime show REGARDLESS OF WHAT PACKAGE YOU PICKED, you will be shut down and your money NOT refunded! If you spend 3 hours wasting my time for a 10 minute show and then show up late and I still turn on my cam and you are still rude, (no saying hello OR providing eye contact, means you have shown no proof you are of legal age) and you will be shut down and your money NOT refunded! I have NOT had to do this yet, but it needs to be posted for legal purposes. I expect the same person that contacted me to be on cam. If I cannot prove this, then the show will not continue! You WILL show me the respect on cam as I expect in person! If you threaten me because of these rules, your money will NOT be refunded! No exceptions will be given for any of these!

Please, message me, I would actually love to hear your comments on this blog post. Am I right or am I wrong? What is your opinion?

Thank you to all my clients that I have never had to tell anything to before lol.


You are loved and appreciated;




April 26, 2016.

21:00: Cam show update:

Thank you for watching! Next show is never! On, and the services are utter and complete garbage! The staff is rude and offensive and completely useless. They start every conversation with the same stupid cunt asking if I cleared my fucking cookies! Like bitch, I know what I’m doing, do you!? Login info is constantly incorrect even though their records show it as correct. Instant Messenger NEVER works!!! It took 68 days for my first check to arrive (which was today), hence why I have not gone on cam! I will be getting help to code my website so I can do live cam shows from and nowhere else. I will be hosting Topless Tuesday and Sunday Bumday on snapchat and doing live Skype shows in the mean time. If you want to be in on a show it will cost you money. I am in the process of learning the code as we speak, so hopefully in a month or two it’ll be all live right here and not in places that are incompetent at doing one thing, hosting a cam feed! Thank you for your patience and check out my contact info page and or my services page for all the details regarding everything going on. Thanks for your patience and I hope to see you real soon! I have a ton of fun performing live on cam and hope to be doing nothing but cam in the future. 😛


For the love of vajayjays everywhere;




March 30, 2016.

13:30: What’s new and exciting you ask:

Well let me tell you, Facebook is utter garbage when it comes to trying to have a reliable place to interact with clients and fans. So I removed it. Or I am at least in the process of removing it. I have to delete all my 5000 friends and detach my groups as well as unfollow everyone that Facebook made me follow automatically before I can actually delete it. Once this is all done, it will be deleted and the privacy settings maxed out. I have made all new Facebook pages for people to interact with now and you can find them on the contact info page. I also have instagram now as well too, so give that a follow and keep track of my gym adventures lol. I have already lost 30 pounds. 😀

My schedule on cam is not as easy to follow as I thought. Today was my bad. I thought it was 12:30, but it was 10:30. If you would like a video because you missed it then mention this blog posting and I will happily send you one 🙂 See who’s paying attention lol. Cam shows always start with me chatting on AFF or ALT. If you want to pop by then by all means, please do so. Follow the links on the contact page for that info as well.

Some people feel the need to be pissed off at me for not opening e-transfers at 29 minutes, when I clearly have it stated that it typically takes a minimum of 30 minutes. Please fuck off with your shitty attitudes when it comes to your bank schedule and rules thank you. 29 minutes is not 30 minimum, it is 29. If you send transfers to the wrong address they will not come. It’s not even possible to send them to my addresses at all. Most institutions don’t recognize the extension, so it will not even work. This is not my fault. Stop blaming me for your bank’s problems. Call them M-F 9-5 and bitch to them please lol.

I have also been hearing lately that my prices are too high. Well to that I can only say get bent lol. I do specials all the time, so call me on those days if you can’t afford the regular rates. That’s what they are there for. Telling me I am a bitch or liar for charging $250/hr and saying I do not do half hour calls, will not get you anywhere. This is all information clearly stated in the proper pages of my website. Stop being lazy and use them. It’s why I made them so in depth. No whiners please lol. On the lazy topic, is dick cheese seriously another thing I have to put back on my website people? How can you not possibly know to pull your fucking foreskin back? No I can’t not swear. It’s fucking disgusting! If you had to eat a pussy that hadn’t showered or washed in a week you’d tell the woman to go to hell and throw up on her. If I have to see another douche bag that thinks it’s ok to come to see me and not have his cock washed I am going to scream at you! I am so tired of being polite to someone about this lol. Why are you so gross? I will photograph it next time and make you guys watch the videos! If I have to be grossed out, then everyone can be grossed out! It’ll be no more Taylor Maide blow jobs ever again day if it doesn’t stop soon. I will leave this topic alone now lol. I feel icky inside just talking about it.


I think that’s all I have to say for now. Get on my Facebook or else lol;




March 01, 2016.

17:00: Link to my Adult Friend Finder Blog:

How is everyone doing? I have another blog on AFF, so feel free to pop by there for contests and stuff like that. This month’s contest is for a free video! 🙂


See you soon;




February 15, 2016.

11:00: Link to my twitter:

Hopefully this works forever and I don’t have to change it every single tweet haha. Sorry it’s been so long, but I promise to be on here doing more, more often! <3


Lots of love;




May 17, 2015.

20:30: Just got back from camping:

What a crazy weekend. Went camping and got the truck stuck in a farmer’s field lol. The GPS took me all over the place to try and get to the lake. All good though, made it out ok with no damage. It was freezing and windy the whole time. Didn’t catch a single fish after spending $300 to go camping lol. My fishing license was $58 because I’m out of town lol. I did make some pretty awesome food though!! 😀


Can’t wait until next time,




April 21, 2015.

14:30: It’s one hell of an update:

So it has been quite some time since I’ve said hello to you all. I’m going to rant about some bullshit and I’m also going to say some stuff, and then maybe even some happy things lol. So if you’re all ready, here goes….

First off I guess I’d like to mention my semi-retirement. I’m still going to be floating around, but I will not be contributing to Backpage or CAF. I’m not a fan of either site personally. Yes, I said it. Mostly gossip and with the exception of the few reviews I have, all of the other CAF members that I have seen have all been uncomfortable, awkward, or complete no shows. That being said, that brings me to the other reason for my retirement. Pushy, rude, smelly, nasty people thinking it’s ok to come by and tell me what to do, or not have the respect to shower before we meet or at my location, people trying to rush me into mis-managed appointments, selfish rude behaviour from people who don’t get to see me because of arrogance or racist remarks against other people and/or their sexual orientation, people calling me fat or ugly because I told them I’m not available for the time they request, or people messaging to ask me if I’m real and trying to tell me that because some bitch stole from them, that all escorts are thieves, and my favorite, people trying to convince me to do drugs or sell drugs to them just because I’m a sex worker. This is not welcome or appreciated and I’m not going to give myself to anyone that can’t at least pretend to be respectful for our conversations and meetings. I am not a drug dealer and I only drink red wine. I’m allergic to everything else and it makes me vomit red, fluffy, frothy blood. I smoke my 420 in my own time and don’t plan on changing that any time soon. All that being said, I plan on continuing my advertising on my website and stopping over in places along my travels with Tupperware, Jamberry Nails, Passion Parties and Avon. So if you see me on Google, then say hi and let’s get together. Also, if you want a Tupperware catalogue or any other catalogues for hosting parties etc, then please, please, please give me a call. 😉 Shameless self promoting here lol.

The second thing I would like to talk about is videos. Videos that are pre-made are only $20 now and available instantly. Custom fresh ones are still $50 and can take up to 24 hours to upload and send to you. Thank you for your patience in this. I am also offering DVD copies for an extra $2 that I can send you if you prefer a hard copy.

I promise to not keep numbering things lol, but the website is coming along quite nicely I think. I am adding a check-out page and a page of video clips to sample. I am also adding photos of all the key-chains, shirts, pens, and what-not that I have already made and ready to ship. So far I’m limited to Canada and USA, but that will change shorty as I am gaining a following in Germany and the Middle East. So buy lots of stuff because I make it myself and it’s awesome lol.

I officially have three exams left in my Construction Management program and have a 98% average at the moment. That’s very exciting!! The next exam is a blueprint drawing, so that should be a snap. I’ve never had less than  a 91% in my blueprinting classes at NAIT. My AutoCAD is at 96%, but I have only had three exams so far lol, so that could change drastically lol. Carpentry first year didn’t do as awesome as that, but I didn’t fail and I didn’t get 90 either lol. And no, you can’t ask me my mark. 😉 I’m taking my Red Seal for Roofing because I was sick when I was supposed to take it before. My math sucks, but I know I need it for engineering. By sucks I mean I get 98%, but it takes me forever to motivate myself to actually doing more than one question in a row lol. If anyone wants to donate to any of my tuitions, I’ll be adding links to do that as well pretty soon. Teaching myself to write code, is like hitting my thumb with a hammer…not too fun, but I can make writing different colors now lol…. :S So please bear with me while I figure all this stuff out.


Well take care for now, I’m going to go work on the photo blog.




December 19, 2014.

13:00: Incalls are back!;

Incalls are finally available again in most cities. A lot of hotels changed their rules regarding visa debit so I had to find some new places that still accept that. So feel free to pop by anytime before 2am. I only offer 15 minute calls before 11pm. Please request your 6am appointments before ten pm the previous night.


Looking forward to inviting you over,




December 10, 2014.

19:00: Bill C36;

Here is the link to the new bill c36 regarding the new prostitution laws etc.

Fantastic right?


Loving this biz lol,




October 19, 2014.

15:30: Calgary Herald articles;

Here are the links from the Calgary Herald when I was interviewed previously. The first one is February 2014, and the second is December 2013.


P.S. I got a new truck and carpentry is over in two days so outcalls will be returning come Friday!!! 😀 Can’t wait guys and gals, come see me!!!


So tell me what you think,




August 26, 2014.

13:30: All my new stuff came!!!!!

So I got new corsets for my Taylor life lol and new stuff for my construction company like; magnet signs for my car, return address labels, notepads, company letterheads, business cards and more. This is awesome. I also got my 21 Day FIX and Turbo Jam from Beachbody. Another two sets to add to Turbo Fire and PiYo. I’m so in love with PiYo it’s not even funny! Get ready for a new body by the time school is done. I’ll be going hard on construction and working out, so get your play time in while you can because it’s not going to last forever. 😉

Did I mention Shakeology is the best thing since sliced bread? No… Hmmm, I should have! Shakeology is the best thing to happen since sliced bread! Lol. and get on it folks!


So freaking happy,




August 22, 2014.

22:00: I really do hate you lol….

Well Saskatchewan was a total bust. Not sure how I went to Medicine Hat by accident and made a killing, yet I go to Saskatoon and Regina (Saskatoon being the town I grew up in) and didn’t make a dime! What a joke. People were so rude and callous and insulting. It was mostly fake callers, phone numbers that weren’t in service when you tried to call them back for confirmation. People would say they were there and then you’d give the room number and they never showed up, (that’s super shady by the way!). There were guys calling from their girl’s own phone’s, not realizing I have caller ID, then trying to book an appointment from Destiny Flowers phone and shit lol. Like what am I….retarded? I do my homework. I pay attention, and I never forget a phone number or a message. It’s pretty sad when my phone auto-corrects “good’, into “goof”…… Lol, OY!

Do these people have nothing better to do than ruin my sexy times?

Most people know that I don’t do this for the money. I do it because the last guy I dated killed my daughter and I refuse to date now. You could say I’m jaded and I wouldn’t argue. It also means that I am very picky with my clients. I will not see someone if they are rude, or drinking, or if they ask for drugs, or ask me to sell or find drugs. I will not see someone if they do not say hello to me first, or do not seem polite. I will not see people if they do not text me in some kind of appropriate texting fashion. For example; hru, will not get you a date with me lol.

I am not one of these women that does this to support a drug habit, or has some kind of psychosis that needs sex or money to fulfil its needs. I am working on a second journeyman ticket now, and am also on the honor roll for both my AutoCAD and Construction Management classes. Yes, I am 420 friendly, but no, IT DOES NOT go past that in any direction! So do not ask me to buy, sell, or do anything with you please and thank you, or your number will be blocked and banned for life.

Now with all that being said, I really love doing this. The meeting people and having great times with them. I am a huge fan of being naked and sharing lol. I have always been kind of slutty, so there was not too much of a transition for me into this business. I just passed my one year anniversary and I still want to do actual porn, but I have no real desire to move to LA lol. Videos and pictures are super fun for me so that is why it has been the special for a little over a week now. I encourage you to snap away. If you do not want to keep them, then maybe you would not mind snapping a few off for the website. That would be fantastic too. Sometimes I may even throw in a free COF upgrade for doing it. 😉

This trip was not fun, but come see me while I am still in Lloyd anyways,


Missing Alberta,




August 07, 2014.

14:00: I promise I don’t hate you!

So…..How is everyone doing? Awesome, excellent? That’s superb to hear! Lol, I’ve added some new stuff to the site and changed all my prices. Updated some info and had a chance to say hello. Not a big chance, but a chance nonetheless. Things are crazy busy in both of my areas of expertise. Some are more fun than others haha. Don’t get me wrong, I love construction, but doing concrete on days when it’s 32 degrees out, really sucks in a big way! The only thing that makes you a little less bitchy is knowing you have all these other guys right beside you that are just as miserable and hating life lol. Not that high heels and stockings are any better in 32 degree heat, but it’s not the same when you can just get away into air conditioning any time you want and slip those shoes off. 😉

It’s my one year anniversary of being a solo artist I guess you could say. I am doing a photo shoot tonight to celebrate a little bit. It should be fun. I have become way more relaxed during shoots than I was when I first started for CME. Being independent is amazing compared to being with an agency. So glad I left Calgary Midnight Express. That place was not good for my sanity or my health to say the very least. Oh well, much better things have come my way since then.

I love my clients and my fans online so much. Just wanted to say thank you for loving me and my big booty back! 🙂 I appreciate all the support and encouragement I am getting from everyone in the business as well.

Watch for me online in Las Vegas and Vancouver in November and December too. I plan to do some serious travelling outside Alberta in the next year with my webcam shows.


Wish me luck,




May 18, 2014.

12:00: Dropbox you suck…HTC M8, you’re bad ass!!

Dropbox vids are gone 🙁 no good! So sad! Oh well, I do have a fantastic vagina, so it’s all good. I will one day remedy al this techno crap and get April done by May hahaha :S Oy!

New phone kicks mega ass and I’m super duper duper happy to have one less fucking Apple piece of crap in my house! 😀 I’d just like to take this opportunity to say “Fuck you iTunes!” Thank you very much, that is all.

Meesa hate technology!


Loving Star Wars,




May 15, 2014.

15:00: I think I broke it….

Well I’m pretty sure I lost all my Dropbox stuff, so that sucks, but I can always make new stuff. At least I’m tight and awesome lol. Thank God for that at least! Had a couple unhappy customers because of that, but what can you do right? Can’t please everyone all the time.

Going to Lethbridge for the first time tomorrow and I’m a little excited and a little weary. New places are scary lol.

Got 200 pictures with my new photo shoot. None are photo shopped, which I LOVE! So that’s cool.

Well I’m killing my battery, so I should run.


Love you lots,




May 14, 2014.

11:00: Having computer issues again!*%!

Still having issues with my Dropbox and my laptop. I can’t seem to figure out how to get my email transfer thingy to work and I’m waiting for tech support to get back to me still. So sorry for the delays, I thought buying brand new stuff two months ago would solve all my tech problems…seems as though I just have new problems in the place of the old ones lol. :S I’ll do what I can after work today to get back on top of this. Hopefully have it all worked out tonight and won’t have to keep updating you all on how much my technology sucks lol.


Forever in waiting,




May 13, 2014.

11:00: Dropbox is down, but we have a winner!!!

So I’m trying to get videos made and sent, but my Dropbox isn’t working and my computer is arguing with me again. Promise to everyone they WILL all be out today come hell or high water.

My April coffee contest winner is William of Calgary. I will be contacting you today to make plans for our coffee date, so keep your phone turned on! 🙂 I’m looking forward to meeting you and having some laughs and good coffee, so pick your time, and pick your place, and let’s get our java on!

NAIT went awesome the other day. I spent 4 hours 15 minutes in the line on Sunday night, but when I got there on Monday morning I got to go through the entire crowd to 51st in line. The good news is, by the time I got there, they were already calling number 100, so I got to straight to the front of the line and everyone was glad to let me budge! How great is that! The not so great part is, the web shows tuition fees of $780 something, but then after registration, paying for the gym I don’t use, and the NAITSA fees, it was $950 something. Well regardless of the line or the new cost, I am happy as a “pig in shit” that I am actually registered and everything went off ok.

Headed to Calgary in a few hours to do some working in the morning, hanging out with my son in the evening, and “working” the night away lol. Have to finish fixing my Dropbox and then all my homework and loose ends for April will be all taken care of. How exciting!


YAY me!,




May 10, 2014.

13:00: What a crazy business this internet thing is!

Well, it’s been super busy at real work. Cribbing a hotel out in Whitecourt at the moment. working night doing my sexy job too keeps me pretty busy. I have to send out a couple videos to my Facebook followers who added me and liked me in April. No May contests as of yet on Facebook or Twitter. Hopefully this weekend in ort McMurray will give me enough time to get all my internetting done so I can stop feeling so behind. I really love it here!

It’s registration time at NAIT again on Monday. Going to pay it in person this year, so I have to be there Sunday before 10 PM to get in the line so that when they give out numbers at 10 for Monday morning, I hopefully wont get number 2222 or something like that lol.

I know I’m not doing very good at keeping in touch since Facebook went down, but the forum will be up and running soon and so will the web cam thing. I have two applications pending right now with and with as well. Hopefully this will all be sorted out soon enough. It appears my photos are too big even when they are small, to fit the application. So I’m trying to sort that out with them too.

Sorry for such a short little update, but it’s all I have time for today my honeys. I also got my new car! I’ll add a pic here in about an hour or so, I am starving and have to go find a good spot to have SubWay and take a few pics. 🙂


Lovin’ you guys and gals,




April 21, 2014.

17:00: Slacking off big time, but it’s not entirely my fault…

So I have decided to cave in and use my hotspot from my iPhone in order to do updates to the site at least. This not having my work phone or laptop working properly is making me a little crazy for sure!

I have added a new pic to the cover page, I will be adding new March gallery pictures, new Fort McMurray ad on CAF and Backpage…yes, I’m using Backpage again. Had to change my email address to advertise, but it is working again. Unfortunately it has posted me in Edmonton today and not Fort McMurray, so I will be offering 20% off your next visit, to anyone who messages me from Edmonton today to make up for the confusion.

I did my new red extension photo shoot and will be using those pictures to post ads. The guy hasn’t sent me the rest of the photos yet, so bear with me on that one. As far as updates goes I think that’s about it. There are contests going on however and some of them only have 2-3 participants, so let’s make it a little harder on them shall we?


1. Twitter: New Follower Pick Your Pose Contest.

ALL new followers in April are eligible and all they have to do is send me a direct message on Twitter with the pose you are looking for and I will send it. The last set will be out either the 3oth of April or 1st of May.

2. Facebook: 2 Minute Personalized Video Contest.

ALL Facebookers can enter this by liking my Taylor Maide Facebook page and sending me a private message from that page on Facebook. I will send you your personalized videos with your name in them and if you pick a REASONABLE request, then I’m sure I can accommodate most entries!

3. Website: Coffee With Me, On Me, Anywhere In Alberta.

Anyone in Alberta can enter this by dropping me an email, text, tweet, or Facebook reply to the same Taylor Maide Facebook page and letting me know your favorite coffee or coffee shop beverage. Winner will be picked April 28th at noon Edmonton time (GMT-0700). Your free coffee date with me will be at a mutually agreed upon time for when I am scheduled to be in the city nearest your location. If you are not in a major city, I will come to you!! Coffee will be about 45 minutes to one hour and my treat!


Well my lovelies, that’s all for now,




April 12, 2014.

19:00: Technology sucks balls!

Well let me tell you about my week lol. Holy smokes could I possibly have any worse luck? Let me start at the beginning lol.

So the other day I got pulled over for a speeding ticket on my way to make my van payment. I got pulled over on the 2A and the RCMP guy forgot to give me back my insurance and registration after telling me my insurance was expired and giving me a heart attack for no reason! So I had to go to Red Water to get my paperwork back. I’m getting ready to go and check my bank to make sure my insurance payment had come out and it turns out, instead of them taking $166, they took $905!!! So I called them before I left and ended up cancelling my insurance with State Farm, and reopening new insurance for $174 from TD. So I get that all over and done with and get out to my van…FLAT TIRE! Lol, so I call AMA and they come pretty quickly to fix the tire and I head off to Canadian Tire to get the flat fixed for $32.50. So next day I’m checking my Facebook messages and my phone crashes and I back it up, do a restore to factory settings and then try to reboot my data from my save point…not happening! It says that I apparently haven’t done  a back-up in over 4 weeks and I lose ALL my conversations, links, bookmarks, passwords, EVERYTHING! 🙁 Phone no longer can connect to the internet on it’s own without a wifi connection and my Facebook is behind 933 friend requests lol. No shit 933! So I plug in my laptop when I get home and BAM!!! Busted the fucking power cord female end thingy that the cord plugs into…WTF yo? This is some crazy bad luck lol. What did I do this week??? 😛

So now I’m waiting to get my new phone. Gonna be the new HTC M8. It’s pretty bad ass and can record from the front and rear facing cameras at the same time while online with someone or on the phone with them! Pretty sweet new way to do videos I figure.

Well, I’m off to eat. I’m back in Fort Mac and I’m in love with The Pantry Restaurant lol. They have AMAZING food!!


Loving the food here,




April 07, 2014.

00:00: I miss Fort McMurray already!!

I know, it’s crazy right? To anyone who hasn’t been there it’s a big ugly stain on the world, or whatever it is that they think.., to anyone who has lived there, or been there, it’s such a pretty place to be.

Timberlea is so landscaped and the pathways stretch all the way around the loop to Eagle Ridge. There’s parks all over the place, a boat launch, and even these crazy outdoor gym machines made of pipes and pedals. The garbage cans also have recycle containers and butt stops for cigarette butts. The TD Bank lady is always super nice to you while you’re waiting in line. Mac Island Library is balls deep as far as libraries go! It has 3 Timmies, but it should have ten, (even though it’s more expensive)!  Everyone, (even me lol) gets a crazy, “Fort McMurray driver” attitude at least once at some point, there are no bags at the grocery stores, Mac Island is so big it’s scary lol. It has everything except a dorm down there! 😉

The scenery and the sunsets are awesome. I can’t wait to post some summer pics now that the really burnt stuff is starting to finally turn green again. I want to figure out the night settings on my camera so I can take some pics then as well. Oh my God I’m such a dork!


Living in the wrong half of AB.,




March 31, 2014.

00:00: Calgary is always cuh-ray-zee business lol!

What a super gong show the highway was today lol. Oh my gosh! It was closed in three spots and took me 6 hours to get here from Edmonton. I saw an SUV explode and a semi flipped and heard a bunch of accidents, but didn’t get to see them. It always amazes me just how many vehicles go off that road. It’s such a nice road compared to most roads in Alberta lol. I’m not one to preach, but less cell phone’s people. Trust me, I speak from experience when I say this, it’ll save you lots of money for sure.

I had a really good day once I actually got here. Had some hotel confusion, but I’m back at one of my favorite places. Amazing food, a pool, and no key card access to the elevator lol. What more can you ask for? 😉 For anyone that doesn’t already know this, I am a HUGE foodie!

Also, NO I DON’T do crack, coke, blow, bang, smack, e, g, k, molly, snow, party, ski, or any other whatever you wanna call it that I haven’t heard of and some others that I probably have, but don’t care to recall their names… So please don’t ask. I can guarantee you that if you say “I figured you’d be into that kind of thing,” (like someone did tonight), I will be extremely insulted and offended and most likely will not give you a chance to meet me. I don’t think it’s appropriate to be wasted in this job for anyone’s safety. If something happened that would be extremely bad for both of us. Imagine yourself puking your guts out while a naked escort has to call 911 and explain what happened lol, not good! 😛 So let’s all remember to play safe out there and have fun most of all!

Sweet dreams turkeys ;),




March 30, 2014.

00:00: Friggin awesome!

I had such a good time tonight….well it ended that way anyways. So two things happened, one was totally rude and the other was totally awesome!

So be prepared for several “F” bombs on this first one.

I go to Tofield to do a PSE, photo and video session for $392. It’s 20% off today with the web code, so it dropped from $490. Anyways, we take pics and vids and I show him how to screen shot the vids in order to take stills, he loves them. We are about to start round two and I couldn’t get his 15 year old computer to extract the pics, so I decided to email them when we are done. He wants to do more filming  anyways so what’s the difference right? Wrong! He asks to delete the pics which are only of me in action, and proceeds to ask for his money back!

So, naturally, I’m pissed! He likes the pics, took the pics, gets my ass all the way to Tofield to take the pics, then wants to delete them and get his money back?!?!? “WTFuck” is what I’m thinking. So I do it, give the money, delete the pics, and start to get dressed.

Well…this is the worst part…then he asks why I’m getting dressed because there’s still 20 minutes left!?!? What in the heck is wrong with this guy? He completely insults and offends me, then wants to fuck me too!?!? Is he insane? Really? #sopissed was about how I was feeling at this point, but I finished my appointment with him and even hugged him as I left. Still quite bitter! #thatasshole!

Moving on lol….

Well I’m now in Vegreville, in a room comped by my gentleman caller. He picks up some Heineken, my favorite, and even offers to pick up dinner because I still haven’t eaten yet. I’m way early, so I politely decline and hit A&W on my way to the hotel.

He arrives right on time, we exchange our hello’s and some small talk and he goes to shower. I set myself up while he is busy and do the final little checks. So long story short haha, yes I did do that. 😉 What an amazing time! Just a super sweet guy. Great talker, great listener, great at a few other things too if you know what I mean. 😉 What an awesome date! Hard to let guys like that walk out the door, because you could chat forever in the blink of an eye. What a perfect way to end the night!

I’m so thankful to be able to do this job and push past the not so great dates, and then be rewarded with really great dates. This is a job like no other indeed, but I love it, and I love my guys too! They make me stronger, smarter, quicker, and empower me to be whomever I want, no matter what that may be.


Grateful beyond words,




March 29, 2014.

14:00: Lawyer city!

Well I guess Backpage and Fabutan are hoping I take them to court or something, because none of them is reimbursing my money and have been taking it fraudulently from my account for various reasons. Both are quite frustrating indeed!

Backpage has been taking double money, or over charging me, and they’re not posting my ads or returning my messages.

Fabutan has been charging me an NSF fee for our months and they haven’t even been taking money out of my account in order to be charging me an NSF in the first place!

CAF is not helping matters in any way. they are now being paid to advertise for me, but I can’t figure out how to resize pictures and have sent the an email to cafhelp and they also haven’t returned my email.

I’m beginning to think I will not be advertising at all very shortly! Paying all this money just to be stolen from and not receive help is sickening my mind!


Angry in paradise,




March 28, 2014.

00:00: So late…

So I’ve been slacking lately and I know it, but I’ve been doing lots too. Craigslist on the other hand, not doing so much. Lol. I’m here in Edmonton and thinking about you guys, so here I am writing. 🙂

Well, that should do it, lol. Goodnight all my sexy little lovelies out there.


Sending you much love at bedtime,




March 26, 2014.

12:00: New banner ads.

Well the new banner ads are up and they look pretty, but they make it virtually impossible to make changes to my site from my phone or tablet. Very unfortunate for sure considering it’s how I do most of my updating lol. Well it’s off to CAF now. Wish me luck! 😀


Lost online somewhere,




March 25, 2014.

1900: Sure is harder than it looks!

So I’m building pages with ERSList and CAF, and oh boy it’s a slow process. Waiting to hear back from CAF now about them getting my money so that I can start the posting process. ERSList is supposed to be free, but it’s not in AB for another week. Just in time for me to go back to Fort McMurray! 😀

I am going to be hanging out on CAF for a few days organizing and tweaking, so feel free to drop me a PM or come see me in chat. I kinda like the new chat, but it skips the first letter when you type, so that can be a little frustrating. Oh well, I am glad I am not alone in the tweaking department lol. Have a super awesome night tonight guys and gals.


Lots of love,



1300: Starbucks White Chocolate Mmmocha.

So, I haven’t had a Starbucks coffee in a while and my new place is right across the street from one. Obviously I had to go today and oh my God! They are like $6 for a Venti White Chocolate Mocha with cinnamon and whip creammm, (my favorite) but they are so AMAZING!! I just might have another one later lol.

I’m currently in the process of making some new ads on my new advertising sites. I’m going to try CAF, SPDir, and Craigslist. I’m a little hesitant about Craigslist lol, and also because I don’t know how things will work on these new sites. I’m not the most technologically adept person on the planet either lol. It makes things a little more difficult for sure. The reason I haven’t posted the new ads yet, is because I wanted to save it for Calgary. Calgary was the first place I ever decided to do anything of adult entertainment persuasion, so it seemed only fitting that I release the new ads on the new sites from here too.

Some exciting news for me this week; I registered for a pole dancing class at Pole Junkies in the SE. I’m super excited. I’m starting to not enjoy the winter body anymore and can’t wait to have the summer body back. I also always wanted to learn pole dancing so I think this should be super fun.

I am also in the process of making cock warmers with TM on them. It’s never spring in Canada so these could be useful in my little gift bags. Also I want to make t-shirts with various naughty poses of me on them with Taylor Maide on the back or just TM, and I have a few other ideas in mind as well for new things to be keeping your eyes open for. Be ready for me world…here I come! 😉


Super excited,




March 24, 2014.

2200: Nice and quiet on the home front.

Well today was super duper busy. Doing outcalls in Red Deer and Calgary and moving lol. It sure is a good thing I multitask well and that Backpage isn’t posting my ads. It would have been too busy to think today. Oh well, it all went off without a hitch and I have two hours left and it’s bedtime. Sometimes bedtime fells like it comes way too fast, other times it’s like, holy moly bedtime, hurry up and get here already! Lol.


Sleepless not in Seattle,



1100: Today is moving day!

It’s been coming for a while, but I made the decision last night to become free again at last! Lol. Incalls will be starting up again soon. As much as I don’t enjoy their costs, I very much enjoy their pools! If anyone ever wants to come swim for half an hour, before or after an appointment, just say the word and I’m totally in! Well back to work. 😀


Lost in boxes,


P.S. Totally sorry for not writing yesterday. I was mega tired after a lot of driving for appointments. I put 2,600 km on my van already since I got my oil changed less than two weeks ago lol.



March 22, 2014.

1100: Oh no you didn’t!? Oh yes I did! Lol






0900: Backpage backfires!

Well I have officially decided to no longer use Backpage to advertise my availability. They have been taking money from me and not posting my ads, charging me double for ads, charging an extra $1.05 per ad, and not returning any of my messages to their company in regards to these issues either. Totally uncool of them by the way!

So today marks the beginning of my attempt at CAF advertising and I was also given information stating I should post on Craigslist as well, so I will be posting from there also. I have looked into CERB, PERB, SPDir, and a few others. There is a new one out now as well and they are holding a contest on CAF, so I will also be looking into them today too. Their name is ERSList.

ERSList is also holding a competition for a $50 Starbucks card to CLIENTS who post reviews between April 02nd and 28th, with winners weekly. So get your butts on over there to win us some free coffee dates! 😉 Mine is a Venti White Chocolate Mocha with whip cream and cinnamon. What’s yours? I’d love to hear from you!

Text me your favorite coffee blends or drinks to 403- 608- 0979. In light of the ERsList contest, I will also hold my own contest. A free 30 minute coffee break with me, in whatever city you live in the next time I’m there. My treat of course!

Good luck to everyone who enters and sends me text messages! I will announce the winner of my contest on the same day as ERSList announces theirs. So keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground on April 29, 2014 just in case you see YOUR NAME (or secret name, handle, or whichever you prefer lol) right here in my blog!


Lots of love to you all,


P.S. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can make a page break between days on my blog here? I was going to do lines and dashes, but with my lack of computer knowledge, I can’t get it to be universal on all systems. It looks different from tablet, to phone, and even different laptops see the same pages differently. Oh the joys of technology lol. Do you see what I do for you guys?! :*



March 21, 2014.

2100: WELCOME!!

Welcome to my very first attempt at a blog lol. Mostly it is going to be like a journal with some stories and little anecdotes and whatnot. If anyone wants me to add their (appropriate language) comments to ANYTHING I have written, feel free to drop me a line at and I will add it in there.

Started the blog pages today and have nothing super spectacular to say, except that Fort McMurray was AWESOME! 😀 I love that town so much. I cannot wait to be back! I really love the people that this job allows me to meet. It is such a great experience to be able to go into the homes of people and feel so welcomed and wanted. I feel so blessed to be able to make people happy and satisfy them. Sharing laughs and stories is such a great way to spend your time. I love this job!

Also, does anyone know how I keep changing to my alternate keyboard? Mega frustrating lol I cannot use my commas anymore! Oh well, I am off to Edmonton! Wish me luck and talk to you soon.


Feeling fabulous;