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SWTOR: The MOON Legacy on Harbinger server

1. Aundreya- Level 35 Human Vanguard visiting the Republic Fleet.

2. Reenalana- Level 11 Zabrak Sith Juggernaut in Drummond Kaas.

3. Pomegranatered- Level 8 Zabrak Jedi Consular on Coruscant.

4. SevenOfThirteen- Level 22  Twi’lek Sith Sorcerer in Drummond Kaas.

5. MaryJaneKush- Level 8 Twi’lek Jedi Consular on Tython.

6. SativaJaneMarie- Level 3 Mirialan Smuggler in Ord Mantell.

7. SandraDee- Level 60 Human Sith Marauder currently in Wild Space.

Get your game download here at the official Star Wars: The Old Republic site.



Aundreya- Level 1… and I’ll get back to you on my class and job. I totally can’t remember it right now.

Get your game download here at the official Final Fantasy XXIV: A Realm Reborn site.



Aundreya- Level 1…had a hard time getting her loaded up and onto my laptop, but I’ll be starting this in a few days and then swapping between all three games at least once a week. I’ll post that schedule soon.


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