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Please, feel free to contact me any time with questions, or check out my Services page. Please pre-book appointments at least 24 HOURS (The Day BEFORE) in advance whenever possible. If you are looking for “right now” or “asap” it won’t happen. I will most likely tell you to give me one to two hours to make room for you in my schedule. Do not ask to pay cash. For times between 2200 (10PM) and 1000 (10AM) please pre-book at least 24 HOURS (The Day BEFORE) in advance. Bartering WILL NOT be tolerated for any reason. Thank you for respecting this.



For contacting me for bookings only, please use to send your emails. Make sure you visit the schedule, rates & services pages before contacting me. Please include the date, time & length of visit you are wanting and how you will be paying. Any request for specific services whatsoever, will give me no choice, but to add you to my blacklist. ANY and ALL discussions of services is considered illegal. Please DO NOT send me dick pics!! Visit my blog page to see the current laws on escorting in the link to Bill C36. You may request my phone number at your first appointment and not sooner.

For questions about Taylor Maide’s, reviews, random questions or suggestions that aren’t in a hurry to be answered or if you just feel like chit chatting, please use to contact me as I only check this email once a week, or less sometimes.

For any questions or feedback about upcoming or previous promotions, how to redeem an old prize I may have missed you on, redeeming your current prize, or to stay connected to what’s hot and coming soon, please use

For contacting me with questions or offers regarding photographers, hiring me as a model/sub-contractor or employee for anything pertaining to webcam, pornography, or professional photo or video shoots, please email me at

Internet and my schedule are not 100% all the time, so please, please, please allow 1-4 hours for mail to come and go and for me to reply. This being the case, please remember to request your appointment time well in advance. This way you won’t feel ignored or like I am wasting your time by not replying. I will ALWAYS reply!








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Visit my Facebook pages, share me, and give me a “like”. Check out my pictures any time. Galleries go all the way back to when I first started in April 2013, but content is kept to Facebook standards, so this is better for more explicit content. There you will find some of my interests, likes, DOB, a whole bunch of random facts about me, and pictures from my travels etc.  I’m hoping to get 1,000,000 likes so that I can get a vagina mold and sell them in the sex shops. Yes, I am totally serious. I am after all, a porn star incognito! 😉




MsTaylorMaide is at or searchable by @mstaylormaide also.








My Skype name is MsTaylorMaide.




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All you have to do is ask. Cost is $25 for lifetime access. Credit card and etransfer available. Nudes daily. Video samples and more.




My Google hangouts email and all Google things are searchable by

Google has me in spots numbered 1, 3 and 5 on the first page when searching for Taylor Maide. Spot 4 is not mine on page one. I have not checked the remaining pages, but I do not advertise anywhere except,, and The rest have all used my info without permission. If you ever have any feeling that I may not be represented correctly in any way on any of these sites, please message me at