Coming Soon

September 6, 2017:

Everything is all caught up. Check out “What’s New” for details!



August 27, 2017:

May, June, July and August albums will be available shortly.



May 01, 2017:

May shoot is on the 3rd.



March 21, 2017:

April shoot is on the 14th.



March 05, 2017:

March photo shoot will be up soon.



March 01, 2017:

March photo shoot is this weekend. February photos will be up on March 5th.



January 13, 2017:

February shoot is this weekend. Keep your eyes peeled on the What’s New page for when it is ready for viewing!



January 05, 2017:

January photo shoot is today. Stay tuned for viewing info. I’ll be in Edmonton, Saskatoon and Red Deer this month. Check the schedule page for dates.



January 03, 2017:

January shoot is in the next day or two and will be posted by the 15th. Keep your eyes peeled for some party pics! There will be a massive M-F event for Friday the 13th. Bring your friends and let’s have an awesome night! Message me for details at Happy New Year everyone!



December 21, 2016:

December shoot is today and goes up on the 30th.



December 05, 2016:

November photo shoot goes up tomorrow.



November 04, 2016:

November photo shoot is tomorrow. Stay tuned for the new album.



October 06, 2016:

October shoot is done and going up tomorrow! 😍



September 11, 2016:

October gallery and video check out page.



June 02, 2016:

August photo gallery, updates to the selfie gallery, adult gallery, and tribute pic and video galleries. Taylor Maiden hentai comic release summer 2017 and The DOMedy Hour show previews coming for Christmas 2016. Samples of all videos for sale with a shopping cart will be coming eventually as well.