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Updated last: Feb 15, 2019 13:00

Show times are in Mountain Standard Time!

Thank you for watching! Next show is 1900 (7PM) GMT February 20th on AFF.


Come say hi

Be polite

Bring your tips with you

I usually get 300-600 people on each show watching me. It would be impossible to speak to every one at once, but I do try to keep people engaged as best I can with games and things to get me naked and dancing.


Be rude and/or vulgar

Request me to do things without tipping

Be a pest

Send 20 messages a minute

Remember, tipping leads the show faster and being rude will get you banned. If you are sending me a message 20 times a minute it causes severe lag. If your comments are coming every couple of seconds asking me to do something, or constantly repeating yourself and using caps lock thinking I’m ignoring you (when I clearly have my back to the screen), your link will be terminated and you will not be allowed back into the show for the remainder of the evening. Enjoy the show and save your comments for after. I always end my shows with chatting and replying to messages once I am finished. 😉

Thank you to everyone that came out! If you missed the show, then you can always stop by here to see what new sexy outfit I wore at the end of each broadcast!

Here is what I wore last.

2016-03-28 02.03.32 2016-03-28 02.04.16 2016-03-28 02.01.06 2016-03-28 02.04.03 2016-03-28 02.04.42

Don’t forget, be polite, bring your tips, and stay sexy everyone!

These are some of the sites that I am aware of that share the same cams, some are separate, but there are a few that share feeds. The way they charge is the main difference.



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Hot_Asphalt, which is my gamer tag 😉


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If you are rude at anytime during a Skype or FaceTime show REGARDLESS OF WHAT PACKAGE YOU PICKED, you will be shut down and your money NOT refunded! If you spend 3 hours wasting my time for a 10 minute show and then show up late and I still turn on my cam and you are still rude, (no saying hello OR providing eye contact, means you have shown no proof you are of legal age) and you will be shut down and your money NOT refunded! I have NOT had to do this yet, but it needs to be posted for legal purposes. I expect the same person that contacted me to be on cam. If I cannot prove this, then the show will not continue! You WILL show me the respect on cam as I expect in person! If you threaten me because of these rules, your money will NOT be refunded! No exceptions will be given for any of these!