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It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to TaylorMaide.com. For a list of servicescontact info and/or reviews, just click the pink highlighted word and it takes you right to that page.  There are over 50 pages here so please enjoy yourself as you look around! Have a gander at these pages for the most recent information; what’s new, updates and coming soon.


NWT, Yukon, and Nunavut are coming June of 2019. Currently I am in Saskatchewan. In April I will be in Manitoba, in March I will be in Alberta and in July I will be in Ontario. Keep your eyes peeled for your city’s dates. If you want your city added, please reach me at Booking@TaylorMaide.com. All first visits will be pre-bookings only unless otherwise stated.


New York NY, Washington DC, Columbia SC, Miami FL, Dallas TX, Los Angeles CA, Las Vegas NV, Portland OR, Seattle WA all coming in August 2019. Tour is in that order and will be a big circle through the country. I will only be advertising for this trip on here, Twitter and Instagram. If you want your city added, then please email me at Booking@taylormide.com. Thank you.

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